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Passing on Pacifiers?

In today’s blog, Infant and Toddler Specialist Linda Danford is weighing in on what helps children feel secure….

What helps you to feel safe and secure at home, work, or in social situations? Many young children have special objects that help them feel emotionally safe and secure. A pacifier could be that object.  Some children need a pacifier to help transition from home to their early childhood environment.  It is ok for children to have pacifiers to help soothe themselves or calm down.  If you were asked to put your cell phone or purse in a box when you arrived at work, how would you feel?  When many children arrive at their early childhood program or are upset during the day, their pacifiers are taken away or not available.  Can you imagine how a child would feel when her security is taken away? Children need to feel safe and secure with the people taking care of them and in their environment in order for growing and learning to occur. Children should be able to have their security objects whenever they need them to help feel safe, secure, to learn to self-regulate, or how to begin to manage their behavior.  Don’t worry, children will not end up with their pacifier in high school or college, or as they walk down the aisle. But, if it makes a young child feel better, and helps them to calm themselves, I say why not?

Posted by julie on Wednesday, November 04, 2009 8:03 PM