4C drives the distance for child care providers

When I was little I used to believe that machines didn’t wear out and didn’t break down. I knew that cars needed things like gas and oil to make them go but it was hard to make the connection that they needed so many other things as well. When I grew up and purchased my own car, I discovered the necessity of wiper blades, tires, light bulbs and fuses. Over time came hoses, fans, condensers, coils, ball-joints, tie-rods and linkages. It seemed for every part that needed repairs another was waiting its turn, biding time until the most inconvenient moment to simply give out. Break down. Rumble, tumble, clinkety-clank.

Vote for 4C for Children in Toyota 100 Cars for Good on Oct. 15!

Vote for 4C for Children in Toyota 100 Cars for Good on Oct. 15!

My most recent experience at the auto shop resulted in my regular mechanic giving me a confounded look and saying, “I don’t do that. You’ll have to take it to a specialty shop.” As my jaw dropped and the dollar signs began pinging, then banging, in my ears I had to hope that my poor Lucy would make it through this, too (she’s 14 years old and, well, all cars need a name). Several thousand dollars later her rebuilt transmission is working fine and I am able to trust her for a few more miles before the next item on the list goes out.

My colleagues and I accumulate quite a few miles on our personal cars working with child care providers throughout the 40 counties we serve. We spend so much time on the road visiting administrators and teachers to coach them on leadership and classroom quality, helping family child care providers plan healthy meals and connecting them with resources for school readiness, and offering on-site workshops that we might be out of the office for days at a time. If you added up the average mileage we travel in a month, you might be shocked!

There is something you can do to help – today you can vote for us to win a new Toyota Prius! 4C for Children is proud to be a finalist in the 100 Cars for Good campaign and we need your support. Winning this car would mean all the difference for our staff. Imagine an end to the suffering that Lucy might no longer endure. It may be one car, but the symbol of this car allows us to continue to deliver our mission to improve the quality, effectiveness and accessibility of early childhood care and education in the region so every child can have a positive experience and a strong foundation for success in school and life! Vote for 4C and help us “drive quality” in early childhood care in Ohio and Kentucky!