The Changing Face of Early Childhood in Ohio

The face of early childhood is changing in Ohio. What's a teacher to do?

In Ohio, we have so many things changing within the field of early childhood education. Step Up To Quality, our quality rating system for child care programs, is changing from three to five stars. The Infant Toddler Guidelines and the Early Learning Content Standards, tools for the classroom teacher, have been transformed into one document called the Early Learning and Development Standards.  And all family child care providers will be required to become licensed in January of 2014.

I have to be honest with you, I don’t like change. I like the safety of things that are consistent. I like it when I know what to expect. It’s scary when so many things change all at once. It’s scary because it’s uncertain.  It’s scary because it’s new.

But new and uncertain can also be so exciting. New and uncertain can lead to things that make us better. New and uncertain, while still scary, can help us grow to new levels of greatness!

The author Fredrick B. Wilcox once said, “Progress always involves risk: you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” So even though change scares me a little, I’m becoming more excited about all of the great things that are going to happen for the children of Ohio. It’s definitely time for all early childhood professionals in Ohio get ready to steal second. Our kids deserve it.

For the most recent updates on Ohio’s plan to “steal second,” visit Early Childhood Ohio.

– Angie

2 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Early Childhood in Ohio

  1. Dragonfly Diva

    How exciting! As someone who has worked within Pennsylvania’s STARS system for 11 years now, change is a part of continuous quality improvement and stealing second for the children. It is exciting and scary all at the same time and it can be a lot of work. In the end though when you see the fruits of your labors paying off in the opportunities for the children and families and the benefits your teachers are experiencing, it is so, so, so worth navigating the new path and taking those risks. Good Luck!

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