What’s on your New Year’s Resolution Wish List?

Photo courtesy of NSiddhu.Each year in January I vow to be a better me. I make a resolution to eat healthier and lose weight. I promise to get up early to exercise and to cook more often instead of eating out. But it never works. I still enjoy McDonald’s French Fries smothered in ketchup more than I do the plain baked potato I can make at home. I push my snooze button way more often than I push the start button on my treadmill.

I want this year to be different. Sure, I would love to lose weight and would love to exercise more, and I still may do that.  But I am going to concentrate on becoming a better me by helping the world become a better place for others. Mahatma Gandhi said it perfectly, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It will be in my serving and helping others that I will learn who I am.

  1. This year I will show more gratitude toward others. So often, I am thankful for those around me and I neglect to tell them. But saying “thank you” establishes a bond between the person giving thanks and the recipient. It says, “I care for and appreciate you.” It also creates an “attitude of gratitude” that can easily spread from the home to the workplace, through communities and the world.
  2. This year I want to show more kindness. Each person in this world, young or old, wealthy or not-so-wealthy has some sort of pain or problem. I want to ease someone’s pain through an act of kindness. I want to share joy instead of adding to someone’s sadness and worry.
  3. This year I will ask questions and listen. I want to truly understand what is being told to me. I seek a connection with others in a way that is honest, genuine and sincere. I want to ask questions that allow the speaker to reflect and move forward without me adding my opinion and sometimes unwanted advice.
  4. This year I will practice forgiveness. We all make mistakes. We all become angry. We all get our feelings hurt. But, this year instead of pushing everything inside or pushing people away I want to show others that I accept them, flaws and all, for who they are. I want to show grace as each of us strives to live together in this world.  I want to show others it’s okay to forgive and more forward in love.

This is my “wish list,” but what’s on yours? The changes can be small, such as reading more often with children. Or think big and rearrange your classroom! Whatever is on your wish list, I hope it helps you to be the person and child care provider you have always hoped to be.

– Patty