4C Needs Your Help Today!

I am a car girl. Yes, I am a girl that loves to talk about cars! I grew up watching my dad work on his race car. When I heard that 4C was a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program and had the chance to win a fuel-efficient Toyota Prius, I couldn’t wait to talk about it. While I do love cars, I also love what a new car will mean for the work that we do!

I will tell you what a typical week looks like for me and my beloved red sedan.  Sunday evenings I fill up her tank and clean out last week’s coffee cups, map quest directions and gum wrappers. Monday morning I may drive 40 miles to meet with an early childhood administrator pursuing a star rating with Ohio’s quality rating system, Step Up To Quality, and then drive 40 miles back to my office for a meeting. I finish my day with a drive to another program where I’ll help child care teachers learn about effectively managing transitions in the classroom. Fortunately this program is only 30 miles away and heading in the direction of home, so that saves me a few miles! But it’s only Monday, and I’ve already put 110 “work miles” on my beloved sedan, not counting the mileage that it takes just to get to the office. It is safe to say that I can expect to put anywhere from 400 – 550 miles on my car each week!

I knew I’d found her, my dream car, in 2008: she was red, four door, hatchback, V-6 engine (I could go on and on) and she only had 13,000 miles on her. Four years later she has well surpassed her 100,000 mile milestone. I am getting choked up thinking that I may have to replace her soon!  But if I had the opportunity to drive a Toyota Prius, it could delay my heartache.

Winning this car through Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program is not about me, of course, or my beloved red sedan! It’s about the work that 4C is able to do in all types of early childhood programs in all corners of our community.  Some of those “corners” are pretty far away! But it’s vital for the children of our community that we reach them.  Please vote for 4C TODAY and ask friends and family to vote, too, so 4C can continue to “drive quality” in early care and education in Ohio and Kentucky!

Oh, and if you are a car person, and would like to know more about the “specs,” just ask! I’m always willing to talk shop.