One at a Time

I have always suffered from the kind of allergies that warrant allergy shots, and left me dreading a bi-weekly trip to the allergy doctor. As I aged, I outgrew the allergies, and also the shots (yay!). Last fall I was retested and found a whole new set of allergies and sensitivities to certain foods. Recently, when I wasn’t feeling well, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for a good once over. She found my blood pressure to be higher than normal and asked how I was doing in managing the new allergies. Not so well. After a good discussion about what I should cut out of my diet, a course of vitamins, and a few other recommendations, I was given my marching orders. No wheat, gluten, peas, blueberries or soda pop. She wanted to see me back in three weeks. See you later pasta and bread!

I took this challenge one day at a time. I planned meals and grocery shopped. I took the recommended vitamins. I bypassed the coke machine in favor of water. I walked and did strength training several times a week. I felt better. I lost ten pounds. I feel good about the results, but even better because I think I can stick with it by taking it one day at a time.

This concept is also the focus for the Sixth Annual 4C Northern Kentucky Leadership Conference which will be held on May 4. Big things can become small things if taken one step at a time. What project or task have you been avoiding because it just seems “too big”?