I Will “Defiantly” Miss You, Janet Keller!

On October 28, 2004 I got a phone call that changed the course of my career. The call was from Janet Keller, vice president of professional development at 4C. She offered me a job, my dream job. Here I am years later, still feeling thankful. Over the years, Janet has been more than a supervisor to me. She is a mentor, an advisor and a confidant.

Janet is retiring at the end of this month after a distinguished career at 4C, tirelessly working to set vision and lead staff to new approaches in supporting early childhood programs in the region. She will be greatly missed. Janet Keller has been with 4C for an incredible 25 years. She is among a core group of staff who formed the agency and still lead it today. She’s contributed to the growth of 4C from a few employees to 70, working first in the City of Cincinnati and now in 23 counties in Ohio and Kentucky. Janet loves Harry Potter, fine ink pens, woodworking, her family, strawberry candy, PF Chang’s lettuce wraps and 4C!

Taking a cue from her mentor and friend June Sciarra, Janet is passionate about developing leadership in child care center directors. Her fine leadership has brought ten years of the 4C Leadership Conference and the new year-long seminar for leaders of early childhood programs.

Celebrating 25 years with 4C!

I have many fond memories of working with Janet, but one we still joke about today comes to mind. After working at 4C for only a few months, I got an e-mail from Janet offering me an opportunity to attend an exciting training session. Being an eager new employee, I responded by saying “I defiantly want to attend!” In my excitement, I had replaced the word “definitely” with “defiantly”. It has been our joke ever since then that when I really want to do something; I “defiantly” want to do it. So Janet, I will “defiantly” miss you and please come and visit often.