Finding Your Strengths

In a recent character values assessment, I answered numerous questions about my likes, dislikes and tendencies. Once the results were calculated I took part in exercises with co-workers around the findings. As we proceeded through the activities of the day everyone’s top five character strengths were revealed. From bravery to zest we explored our character strengths, which proved to be a valuable  experience as a team.

During the humdrum of a typical day in a child care program, teachers, cooks and directors are busy with their daily responsibilities. Working in such an atmosphere where there is never enough time, it is important to assess what each person does best. It is time to ask yourself, what do I do best? In what activities do I excel? Do I get to do what I do best every day? When a team of staff can identify their core strengths, it improves the effectiveness of the group and overall services provided.

The early childhood community is at a crossroads in supervision. Staff can feel inadequate and frustrated when supervisory practices are focused on their weaknesses, instead of building on their strengths. Administrators may feel just as intimidated, but 4C is here to help you create an environment where staff members feel competent and able to measure up. During our upcoming workshop, “Strength-Based Supervision: Building Staff One Strength at a Time“, we will explore attitudes, strategies and tools for staff growth, self-determination and success.

Signature strengths are found in our core. It’s time to find yours!

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  1. deb

    Very insightful Becky! I took the survey myself. It’s always good to know your strengths…

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