More than Child Care

Years ago my friend chose to care for children in her home. Each day began with excitement in spending time with the children, but she also faced challenges like communicating with parents effectively, planning the day so that children had the best opportunities for learning and, of course, the late pick-ups!

Managing a family child care business takes more than just love for children, though it often begins there. Child care providers need to have as much energy as the children. Providers must be on their toes and be ready for anything, like the dog that wants to be included in the finger painting activity, or the child that doesn’t like to get their hands dirty! How can you balance the duties and responsibilities needed as a small business owner when children need so much care and attention?

A day in the life of a family child care provider begs the skills of a nurse, teacher, cook, nurturer, business manager and entrepreneur. The essential aspects of your business are often overlooked in the enthusiasm and excitement of taking care of children, but managing everything effectively is possible. In order to establish a successful business, owners must work diligently to develop solid policies and learn practices that will sustain their energy, interest and success.

We can help! Support your love of children with a business plan that works, and join us for a series this fall at our Miami Valley regional office.