Training Guru Goes to ‘School’

Tomorrow I am going to a workshop.

Judging by how often I see many of you here in workshops at 4C, these words must cross your mind frequently. Wake up, get dressed, make the coffee, hop in the car, and drive to 4C. “What workshop am I attending again? Oh surely they will know which workshop or my name will be on the list, or maybe my coworker will remember,” you say to yourself. The funny thing is, when you don’t prepare to learn, you won’t.

Tomorrow I am attending a marketing workshop sponsored by another organization. Instead of just tucking the flier and the directions into my planner until I hit the road, I did something different this time. I re-read the flier, I Googled the presenter, and I made some notes about what I know about persuasive marketing. I also identified my personal goals for the session. I made a commitment to participate in the workshop in a way that I am comfortable. I also decided that I will learn from the presenter, but I am really going to listen to the other participants, because they have expertise to share too. I don’t know exactly what I will learn, or what I will do with it, but I promise to report back to you. I will make a commitment to put my learning to use, right here in this blog. Check back to see what I learned and what I plan to do with it….