Nurturing the Nurturer

There are weeks when every day seems like a Monday. Your “to do” list is longer than your arm, and everybody else seems to be having a bad day too. Everyone is talking about and thinking about these tough times. We know that child care centers and family child care providers have a tough road ahead until the economy recovers and the workforce stabilizes again. We will get there. Until then, we have to lean on each other, seek assistance, and connect with others.

What I am wondering, is where you find support? What motivates you? How do you recharge yourself and find energy to keep it together? What joy do you see in your work with children, reminding you that you are making a difference?

Please join me in sharing, and also in celebrating each other….this community is for you.

 Posted by julie on Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:15 PM